If you would like to access your list’s items sliding (swipe action) your fingers across them in a paginated way, like a simple carousel component, you can do it with little effort.

The trick is using the TileLayout:


<s:List id=”itemList” width=”100%” itemRenderer=”itemrenderer.CustomBorderItemRenderer” verticalScrollPolicy=”off” pageScrollingEnabled=”true” > <s:layout> <s:TileLayout orientation=”rows” requestedRowCount=”1″                  columnWidth=”{this.width}”                 verticalGap=”0″ horizontalGap=”0″/> [...]

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Mobile Skinning: Skinning a TextInput.
[ Flex 4.6 Mobile ]

Creating a custom skin for a Text Input for mobile can be a little difficult, we have to override some classes, the skins in mobile works different as usual, we have to pay attention to the performance and be careful with sizes and DPI [...]

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