Custom Software Lyndhurst, NJ


Holistic Engineering

At Alivebox we marry beautiful design with best-of-breed engineering. Pixel-perfect execution on the design front is seamlessly integrated with cross-browser compatibility and standard-compliance for client development, as well as robust and scalable code on the server side. Our technology team has in-depth knowledge in client and server-side development, using languages such as Flex, Air, Java, J2EE, and much more.

We choose the right technology based on the individual project/s rather than on our routines and existing skills. Likewise, our policy at Alivebox is to simply employ great technologists – people who can transfer their passion and skills to any given challenge.


Custom RIA Development

Alivebox provides end-to-end solutions for building the next generation of rich internet applications (RIA), offering engaging user experiences tailored to our client’s needs. Our highly experienced RIA team favours the Flex framework which offers a robust set of components that can be deployed to all major browsers across multiple operating systems. By utilizing this framework, our team gains access to a rich feature set, including run-time skinning, modularization and tight server-side integration; as well as the possibility to port the application seamlessly to the desktop using the Adobe Air platform. The Flex framework provides a solid RIA framework, which allows us to build highly scalable and modular enterprise level applications.


Front-End Solutions (Flex / Html / Javascript)

  • Client-side programming.
  • Advanced components development.
  • Complex applications deploying.
  • Web services design and development.
  • MVC design patterns / Micro architectures.
  • Enterprise development.
  • Web service integrations.
  • Unit testing.
  • Programming for Windows or Linux.
  • QA services.
  • Consulting and support services.
  • Advanced AS3 skills to your service.
  • AIR development.
  • Css
  • ExtJS.

Back-End Solutions (JAVA / J2EE / Grails / .Net / PHP)

  • Server-side programming.
  • Consulting.
  • Business analysis.
  • Specification development.

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