Why Alivebox

Alivebox is young and successful company that takes great pride in our unique mix of innovative software developers and front-end applications. Our team is all about inspiring and passionate work, as well as a flexible and comprehensive platform. We strive to exceed the needs of our near shore clients by working hand-in-hand with them, creating personalized rich applications that provide a major advantage over their competitors.


Business Focus

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve their company ́s success, utilizing appropriate technologies and creating a relationship of trust, by means of communication and results.


Our Company has more than 9 years of experience in custom software development. We also have more than 5 years of international experience in the US and European markets.


We personalize our services based on your company ́s culture, processes and work methodologies. We believe in a quick turnaround, high levels of communication and feedback, thus providing transparency and results.

High Responsiveness:

  • Skilled and organized personnel.
  • Solid experience with diverse projects regarding complexity and scope.
  • Mature software development process.
  • On-time and within budget.
  • Cost-competitive, custom software programming services.
  • Reduced service costs compared to other onsite development companies.
  • Free to negotiate and choose appropriate skills, so as to meet your project requirements.
  • Full control over the project span, capability of managing it dynamically..
  • Resource needs for different projects.

Custom Service:

  • Man-hour efforts estimation.
  • Focus on your core business needs and project goals.
  • Transparent development workflow.
  • Regular task reporting.
  • Flexibility for synchronizing working shifts, as based upon your business hours.
  • Modern communication technologies, so as to maintain constant contact.
  • Regular deliverables, high-quality services.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights and business relationships. If required.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed.

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