About Us


A Brief History

Like many Internet companies, Alivebox initiated as a small company, but one with big ideas regarding software development. The co-founders Kibsaim Vindas (Chief Technology Officer) and Ricardo Villalobos (Graphic Art Director) were very disappointed with the user experience offered by websites in Costa Rica, therefore, they set out to create interactive experiences that raised and set the bar for portals, applications and micro-sites.

Driven by passion and meticulous attention to detail, the small operation quickly grew into a software development company with clients from the United States, Italy and Costa Rica´s government — broadening and deepening its expertise and rapidly attracting a list of glamorous clients who shared our vision for quality-driven interactive solutions.

Over the last decade, Alivebox has grown and matured; we have steadily expanded our focus to meeting the increasingly sophisticated needs of our clients and the relentless progress/demands of this industry. Our success is based on innovative strategic thinking, a commitment to excellence and passion for what we do, as well as having highly experienced and driven employees.


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